Billings Flying Service is proud to own and operate the CH-47D Chinook. We are passionate about the Chinook and are excited to share a CH-47 helicopter parts guide. Within this guide, you will find part numbers, descriptions, photos, and application of the major components on the CH-47 Chinook.  Billings Flying Service has experience not only with the components listed here, but the entire airframe. We have been operating since 2013 and have accrued nearly a decade of CH-47 specific operational, maintenance, and support experience.

Billings Flying Service CH-47D
Billings Flying Service CH-47D

Introduction to Chinook Helicopter Parts Guide

The CH-47 Chinook is produced by the Vertical Lift Division of Boeing Defense, Space, and Security. Within production of each rotorcraft comes the manufacture and assembly of each component. All of the collective components can be categorized into systems: powerplant, drivetrain, dynamic, hydraulic, electrical, avionics, fuel, airframe, and accessory. Over time, components either reach their pre-defined time life, time before overhaul (TBO), or no longer meet expected performance (leaking, seized, cracked, non-functioning, inaccurate, over-temp, etc.). To ensure the CH-47 Chinook continues to fly, the components in each category need to be well understood.

CH-47 Chinook Turboshaft Engine
T-55-GA-714A Turboshaft Engine for the CH-47 Chinook

CH-47 Chinook Powerplant

The CH-47D is currently powered by two T55-GA-714A turboshaft engines. The engines are mounted on each side of the aft pylon and drive a left hand and right hand engine transmission. Chemical energy in Jet A fuel is converted to thermal energy by mixing compressed air, fuel, and spark to create combustion. Combustion and thermal energy drives the turboshaft, creating mechanical/rotational energy. 

Chinook Aft Shaft
145D3300-6 Aft Shaft for the CH-47 Chinook

CH-47 Chinook Drivetrain Parts

The CH-47 transfers mechanical energy between the two engines, five transmissions, and the forward and aft rotating components via a driveshaft system. For each transmission there is an oil cooler that ensures lubricating oil remains within the specified temperatures. Billings Flying Service is equipped to provide chinook driveshafting and transmission repair and overhaul services.

Attached to each main engine transmission is a coupling assembly 145D3500-16. The coupling assembly attaches to the connecting driveshaft assembly part number 145D3504-2. The driveshaft assembly attaches to the coupling assembly part number 145D3500-17 which mates directly with the combining transmission.

From the combining transmission going in the aft direction a 145D3407-8 adapter connects to the 145D3400-25 synch shaft. The 145D3400-25 attaches to the 145D3400-26 sync shaft.  The 145D3400-26 sync shaft connects to the 145D3407-9 adapter which mates directly with the aft transmission. 

From the aft transmission to the aft rotorhead is the aft driveshaft, part number 145D3300-6.

From the combining transmission going in the forward direction, a series of sync shaft and adapter assemblies connect the combining transmission and forward transmission. In order starting from the combining transmission, the part numbers are 145D3407-7 adapter assembly, 145D3400-24 sync shaft assembly, quantity five 145D3400-31/-32 sync shaft and adapter assembly, 145D3400-23 sync shaft, and 145D3407-6 adapter assembly that mates directly into the forward transmission.  

From the forward transmission to the forward rotorhead, there is a forward driveshaft PN 145D1301-3.

DescriptionPart Number
Driveshafting145D3500-16, 145D3500-17, 145D3504-2, 145D3407-6, 145D3407-7, 145D3407-8, 145D3407-9, 145D3407-10, 145D3400-23, 145D3400-24, 145D3400-25, 145D3400-26, 145D3400-31, 145D3400-32, 145D1301-3, 145D3300-6
Forward Transmission145D1300-9
Aft Transmission145D2300-7
Combining Transmission145D5300-20
Engine Transmission145D6300-14, 145D6300-15
Oil Coolers145DS105-1, 145DS209-1, 145DS517-1, 145DS517-4, 145DS517-5, 145DS517-6, 145DS517-7, 145DS517-8, UA537558-1, UA537559-1, UA537601-1, UA537602-2, UA537603-2,
CH-47 Rotorhead
145R2003 Rotorhead for the CH-47 Chinook

CH-47 Chinook Dynamic Parts

The dynamic components on the CH-47 Chinook include the forward and aft swashplate and rotorhead and six blades. The forward swashplate part number 145R3551-17 and aft swashplate part number 145R3551-18 transmit flight control movements to the rotor head and blades. A spherical bearing, or uniball, allows the swashplate to tilt in any direction. Attached to the swashplate are two hydraulic servo cylinders, three pitch links, a strain gage link, and a longitudinal cyclic actuator.

The forward rotorhead part number 145R2003-10 and aft rotorhead part number 145R2004-20 hold the CH-47’s six blades and interface with the vertical driveshafts and swashplate to propel the aircraft. The splined rotor hub mates with the vertical driveshaft and the pitch housings provide connection points for each blade and hydraulic shock absorber. 

The forward rotor blades part number 114R1702-37 and aft rotor blades part number 114R1702-38 are composite structures that facilitate the lift, thrust, and maneuvering of the rotorcraft. 

DescriptionPart Number
Swashplate, fwd and aft145R3551-17, 145R3551-18
Rotorhead, fwd and aft145R2003-10, 145R2004-20
Blades, fwd and aft114R1702-37, 114R1702-38

CH-47 Hydraulic System Parts

The CH-47 Chinook is equipped with a flight control, utility, and landing gear hydraulic systems. The systems are integrated on the aircraft and provide redundancy to ensure safe and reliable operation.

Chinook Helicopter Integrated Lower Control Actuator
145H7300 Integrated Lower Control Actuator for the CH-47 Chinook

CH-47 Flight Control Hydraulic System Parts

The CH-47 flight control hydraulic system has two identical (number 1 and number 2) but independent systems.  There are four integrated lower control actuators (ILCA), four upper boost actuators (UBA), and six blade lag shock absorbers on each CH-47. The ILCAs part number 145H7300 provide flight control movement in the pitch, roll, yaw, and thrust axes. The pivoting part number 145H6600 and swiveling part number 145H6700 UBAs control the angle of the swashplate. The blade lag shock absorbers part number 114H6800-11 dampen the vibration and movement of the blades.

Of all the chinook helicopter parts, there is a single main power control module (PCM) part number 145H1201-6 which controls the flow of all pressure and return fluid in the hydraulic system. There are two power transfer units (PTU) part number 145H1141-7 that perform ground checks of the flight control hydraulic system and can pressurize the system during flight in the event of an emergency. The main hydraulic pump part number 145HS100-5 for the number 1 system is driven by the forward transmission. The hydraulic pump part number 145HS100-5 for the number 2 system is driven by the aft transmission. The main pumps provide hydraulic pressure to the flight control hydraulic system anytime the rotors are turning. There is one main reservoir cooler part number 145H1602-1 on each CH-47. The cooler stores and cools fluid used by the flight control hydraulic system.

CH-47 Pivoting Upper Boost Actuator
145H6600 Pivoting Upper Boost Actuator for the CH-47 Chinook
DescriptionPart Number
Integrated Lower Control Actuator (ILCA)145H7300-12, 145H7300-26, 145H7300-17, 145H7300-18, 145H7300-19, 145H7300-20, 145H7300-21, 145H7300-22, 145H7300-23, 145H7300-24, 145H7300-25, 145H7300-27, 145H7300-28, 145H7300-29, 145H7300-30, 145H7300-31, 145H7300-32 
Servo cylinder/Upper Boost Actuator (UBA)145H6600-19, 145H6600-20, 145H6700-18, 145H6700-19
Power Control Module (PCM)145H1201-6
Power Transfer Unit (PTU)145H1141-7, 145HS140-8
Hydraulic Pumps145HS100-3, 145HS100-4, 145HS100-5
Reservoir Coolers145H1602-1, 145HS203-1, 1711018-100
Blade Lag Shock Absorber114H6800-11
Chinook APU Start Accumulato
145HS654-6 APU Start Accumulator for the CH-47 Chinook

CH-47 Utility Hydraulic System Parts

The utility hydraulic system works in tandem with the flight control hydraulic system. The CH-47 APU start accumulator part number 145HS656-6 stores hydraulic pressure to feed the APU motor pump during APU startup. The CH-47 APU start module part number 145H1651-1 controls the flow of hydraulic pressure from the start accumulator to the motor pump. The CH-47 APU motor pump part number 145HS520-6 starts the auxiliary power unit using hydraulic pressure from the APU start accumulator. Once the APU is running, the motor converts to a pump and pressurizes the utility hydraulic system. The CH-47 utility power control module part number 145H1551-5 controls the flow of all pressure and return fluid in the utility hydraulic system. The CH-47 utility hydraulic pump part number 145HS100 is driven by the aft transmission. The utility pump provides hydraulic pressure to the utility hydraulic system anytime the rotors are turning. The CH-47 main engine motor part number 114HS200-4 uses system hydraulic pressure to start the T55-GA-714A engines. There are quantity two hydraulic motors per CH-47 aircraft. The CH-47 ramp actuating cylinder part number 114H4700-4 opens and closes the extensible ramp at the rear of the aircraft. The cylinder is controlled by the ramp control valve part number 145HS775-1. The CH-47 ramp motor part number 114SS660-1 works with a sprocket and chain to extend the ramp tongue in and out.

DescriptionPart Number
Utility Power Control Module (PCM)145H1551-5
Utility Hydraulic Pumps145HS100-3, 145HS100-4, 145HS100-5
Utility Reservoir Cooler145H1602-2, 145HS203-2, 1711019-100
APU Start Accumulator145HS654-6, 145HS654-7
APU Start Module145H1651-1
APU Motor Pump145HS520-6
Main Engine Motor114HS200-4
Ramp Actuating Cylinder114H4700-4
Ramp Control Valve145HS775-1
Ramp Motor114SS660-1

CH-47 Landing Gear Hydraulic System

The CH-47 landing gear hydraulic system is comprised of forward and aft gear with power steering. The CH-47 forward landing gear shock strut part number 114L1010-8 and aft landing gear shock strut part number 114L2331-2 absorbs the force of impact during landing. The power steering control part number 114L2410-3 allows the pilot to steer the aft right hand landing gear while on the ground.

DescriptionPart Number
Forward Landing Gear Shock Strut114L1010-8
Aft Landing Gear Shock Strut114L2331-2
Power Steering Control114L2410-3
APU Generator of CH-47 Chinook
AGH-942-1 APU Generator for the CH-47 Chinook

Chinook Helicopter Parts: Electrical Systems

The CH-47 Chinook has both alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) electrical systems. There is a main oil cooled generator part number 179-60500-11 (alt AE2152MK2) that is driven by the aft transmission. A third generator part number 31161-001 (alt AGH-942-1) is mounted on and driven by the APU. Each generator has a generator control unit part numbers 179-60500-5 for the main gen and  114ES249-13 for the APU gen. Alternating current is 115/200 volts, three phase at 400 hertz delivered to the two AC busses. Alternating current is converted to direct current by either one of the two transformer rectifiers part number 28VS200Y-9 or directly from an on board battery. Direct current is supplied at 28 volts to the five DC busses. If needed, electrical power can be provided from a ground support unit through the ground power receptacle. 

DescriptionPart Number
Main Generator179-60500-11, AE2152MK2 
APU Generator31161-001, AGH-942-1
Main Generator Control Unit179-60500-5, AE7083MK2
APU Generator Control Unit114ES249-13, 51500-008
Transformer Rectifier28VS200Y-9 
Chinook Master Caution Panel
145ES035-1 Master Caution Panel for the CH-47D Chinook

Avionics and Instruments of CH-47

The CH-47D chinook helicopter parts in the cockpit and flight instruments are broken up into three categories: engine instruments, flight instruments, and miscellaneous instruments. The CH-47D runs steam gauges in comparison to the CH-47SD/CH-47F and beyond that run a glass cockpit. Flight control is managed by the advanced flight control system (AFCS), with a number 1 and number 2 system, part number 145VS100-5. 

Engine instruments are comprised of the power turbine inlet temperature, gas producer tachometer indicator, engine oil temperature indicator, engine torque indicators, and fuel flow indicators.

Flight instruments are comprised of radar altimeters, barometric altimeters, vertical speed indicators, airspeed indicator, turn and slip indicator, magnetic compass, attitude indicators, and chronometer.

Miscellaneous instruments are comprised of the transmission oil pressure indicator, transmission oil temperature indicator, liquid quantity indicator, rotor tachometer indicator, hydraulic pressure indicator, and hydraulic temperature indicator. 

Monitoring all the systems and instruments on the aircraft is the master caution panel part number 145ES035-1. 

DescriptionPart Number
AFCS145VS100-5, BG1147AA02
Airspeed IndicatorMS28021-4, S-25-KAW2
AltimeterB4515210002, AAU/32A
AltimeterB4420210002, AAU/31A
Attitude Indicator107500
Cruise Guide Indicator152BUA34-2, 114VS805-3
Engine Oil PressureMS28010-3, 86425-2
Engine Oil TemperatureMS28009-1, 147B31A
Flight Control and Utility Hydraulic Pressure Indicator218-007-002, 145ES015-2
Flight control Hydraulic Reservoir Liquid Quantity Indicator218-008-002, 145ES004-2
Fuel Flow Indicator8DJ135LAA1, 145ES025-1
Gas Producer N1 Tachometer6503A-8199, 414ES209-11
Height IndicatorA3060591, ID1917CAPN209V
Liquid Quantity Indicator202-001-001, 114ES224-1
Longitudinal Indicator, Aft8DW84A23AA1, 145ES024-2
Longitudinal Indicator, FWD8DW84A22AA1, 145ES024-1
Magnetic CompassMS17983-2
Master Caution Panel145ES035-1
No 1, No 2, and Utility Flight Control Hydraulic Temperature147B51, 1528-21081
Oil Pressure Rotary Switch384332-016, 114ES235-4
Oil Temperature Rotary Switch384332-015, 114ES236-4
Power Turbine Inlet Temperature852B3M3, 165ES100-4
Radar AltimeterHG7209AD01, APN-209
Rotary Switch271-001-002, 114ES224-4
Rotor Tachometer301-004-002, 145ES008-2
Torquemeter923360, 114ES270-4
Torquemeter Indicator82600000-07, 414ES270-16
Transmission Oil Pressure Indicator331002-06015, 114ES235-5
Transmission Oil Temperature Indicator321001-03019, 114ES236-3
Turn and Slip IndicatorMS28041-1B
Utility Hydraulic Reservoir Liquid Quantity Indicator218-008-001, 145ES004-1
Vertical Speed IndicatorMS25454-3, RC-30-V
Refueling chinook fuel cells
CH-47 Refueling of the main and aux fuel cells

Chinook Helicopter Parts: Fuel System

The CH-47D fuel system is comprised of two main fuel cells part number 414PS400 and four auxiliary fuel cells part number 414PS401. The fuel tanks and associated valves, tubing, and pumps deliver fuel to the two main engines, APU, and cabin heater. An extended range fuel system (ERFS) is available to increase fuel capacity and range. Fuel boost pumps part number 114P4111-3 are located in each cell to transfer fuel.

DescriptionPart Number
Main Fuel Cell414PS400, 2F1-6-44200-8
Auxiliary Fuel Cell414PS401, 2F1-6-44201-9
Fuel Boost Pump114P4111-3, RG12200B
Integrated Structural Components on the CH-47
Integrated Structural Components on the CH-47

Chinook Helicopter Airframe

The airframe of the CH-47D is a system of integrated components that are organized by station and water line. The structure is an assembled design of the following among other chinook helicopter parts: frames, formers, bulkheads, stringers, longerons, webs, channels, extrusions, stiffeners, sills, channels, posts, caps, brackets, struts, and skin. To improve strength and longevity, the CH-47F introduced a single piece airframe design. We offer services for maintenance, modifications, and refurbishment of the entire CH-47 airframe.

APU for the CH-47 Chinook
T-62T-2B APU for the CH-47 Chinook

Chinook Helicopter Parts: Accessories

There are a wide range of chinook helicopter parts in the category of accessory. Accessory equipment on the CH-47D includes the auxiliary power unit (APU) model T-62T-2B, fire detection and extinguishing system, environmental control, winches, cargo hooks, and navigation/communication systems. 

The APU provides electrical and hydraulic power support during startup and landing. Fire detection and extinguishing systems are present around the engines and cockpit. The environmental control system provides heat and ventilation for the helicopter via the heater part number B65C30 and associated components. Internal winches support cargo loading and external cargo hooks part numbers 145E5501-5 and 145ES102-5 facilitate sling loads. Depending on the end use of the CH-47, navigation and communication systems allow pilots to meet operational and customer needs. 

DescriptionPart Number
Auxiliary Power Unit (APU)T-62T-2B, 160150-10A
Heating UnitB65C30
External Cargo Hook145E5501-5, 145ES102-5