Billings Flying Service


Aerial Firefighting Specialists

Family-Owned and Operated for 35 years

Billings Flying Service is a family-owned and operated company based in Billings, Montana. Our international reach, technical capabilities and diversity of industries served is all made possible by our employees. We are a team of dedicated professionals who fly, maintain, and support the operations of our fleet of aircraft.

Throughout the past 35+ years, we have scoured the globe to learn about each and every aircraft possible. We emerged from our journey with a fleet of one of the most capable helicopters ever designed.

CH-47 Chinook Experts

We are experts in operating and maintaining CH-47 Chinooks. We have invested in the facilities, personnel, tooling, and equipment needed for a successful full-service operation. 

Aerial operations & services

operating aircraft is in our blood

Our pilots, mechanics, and support crew are highly experienced in FAA Part 133 external load operations including aerial firefighting, construction, utilities, government support, geo-seismic exploration, and disaster relief.

Aerial Firefighting

Since our first contract in 1997, we have been committed to providing the highest level of firefighting service to our customers.

Helicopter Fire Fighting

partnering with organizations worldwide to Fight Fires

We are one of the few aircraft companies that operate a diverse fleet of aircraft from light to heavy. Our diversified fleet can deliver up to 2,700 gallons of water. Our experienced personnel and fleet are carded annually and uphold the highest standards. Each aircraft is accompanied with support resources to ensure down time is kept to a minimum. 

Chinook MRO

Designed to sustain the CH-47 platform and support customers worldwide.

CH-47D Chinook MRO

Expert Maintenance and part inventory

We are capable of CH-47 Chinook airframe maintenance, modifications, and depot level component repair. We have the facilities, staff, and spare parts to solve your Chinook needs.

Upper Boost Actuators


Blade Lag Shock Absorber



Power Units

APU hydraulic accumulator

Advanced Flight Control System (AFCS) Computers

Integrated Lower Control Actuators (ILCA)

Rotorheads and SwashPlates



Airframe and Engineering Services

35+ years in the making

Billings Flying Service, Inc. is a family owned business founded by Billings, Montana native-brothers Al and Gary Blain. The Blain brothers incorporated Billings Flying Service in December of 1983.