Billings Flying Service has years of experience working for various reputable operators in the oil and gas industry in support of geo-seismic exploration operations.

Heavy lift capabilities make Billings Flying Service an ideal provider for pipeline construction and flare-tip replacement.

Billings Flying Service is Shell Oil Approved and The Wyvern Standard™ Certified

Our helicopter seismic support operations are Shell Oil Company approved and preferred. Our aircraft, facilities and crew have also recently undergone and passed the rigorous aviation audit of The Wyvern Standard™.

Heli-portable Drill Transport

Our experienced long line pilots carefully move heli-portable drills, their crews and supporting equipment in the most formidable terrain and weather. Depending on the weight, temperature and altitude at hand, our Chinook CH-47D, Bell 206 Long Rangers, UH-1H “Huey”, Bell 212-HP twin or S-61 helicopters are well-suited for any configuration.

Kodiak Seismic Navigation GPS-Ready

Our aircraft and crews both have worked with the Kodiak navigation systems. Kodiak seismic navigations systems make the retrieval and deployment of seismic exploration considerably more efficient by directing the flight crew precisely to the drop or pickup point without the need direction from the ground. When the pilot completes each task of a mission, the dispatcher is wirelessly notified via the system. Kodiak systems are generally leased from the manufacturer by the customer and provided to the helicopter operator. For more information on these systems, please contact Kodiak Nav Solutions, Ltd. of Calgary, Canada.

Each of our helicopters is equipped and ready to receive the customer-provided Kodiak equipment should the job require it.

Seismic Equipment Bag Retrieval & Deployment

BFS is experienced with retrieval and deployment of equipment in extreme remote areas and conditions including very steep or high terrain and inclement weather. Our flight crews are ready to transport seismic bags whether hooked manually by ground crew or utilizing a remote long line bag runner such as models manufactured by Rupert’s Land company.

We are also equipped with our own advanced bag deployment carousel capable of carrying up to 12 seismic bags for remote placement without a ground crew. Remote deployment carousels can provide the customer with significant savings by enabling strategic staging, reducing helicopter flight time and reducing the number of ground personnel and overall human resource hours required.

Seismic Land Surveys

As an FAA-approved FAR Part 135 On Demand Air Carrier and FAR Part 133 Rotorcraft External-Load Operator, we also provide crew and equipment transport for seismic land surveys. Our approved aircraft can transport up to 9 passengers plus flight crew.