Billings Flying Service believes in doing the job right while keeping our crews and the people on the ground safe.   Our crews regularly attend SMS (Safety Management System) training to ensure that we are up to date on the latest techniques.  Our fleet is inspected by our crews and then go on to meet FAA approval.  Billings Flying Service crews stay current with a web based safety system that allows us to identify and report safety concerns.

The aviation industry provides hazards every day simply due to the nature of the operating environment. Our safety system, PRISM has created a Safety Management System (SMS) designed to diminish the risks our organization and employees face while performing their jobs. PRISM’s unique internet-enabled solutions, coupled with dedicated in-house safety experts, address the challenges of setting up a functional and effective Safety Management System so our team can focus on what’s important– operating safely.  Billings Flying Service pilots, mechanics and service crew incorporate this system electronically every day with meetings dedicated solely to safety.

 Billings Flying Service has established a culture of safety and believe in continually improving it with the following tools:
  • Reporting a safety concern or hazard
  • Risk assessments
  • Change procedures
  • New hire orientation
  • Contractor orientation
  • Safety assessment
  • Environmental responsibilities
  • Alcohol and drug testing

Director of Maintenance
Ebert Stanton


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