Helicopter Services

Fire Fighting

Billings Flying Service has consistently maintained multiple contracts with the United States Forest Service since 1997. Our diversified fleet can deliver from up to 2,600 gallons of water or retardant. We are one of the few aircraft companies that operate a diverse fleet of aircraft from light to heavy. Our experienced pilots, mechanics, fuel and service truck drivers are carded annually along with our aircraft, fuel trucks and service vehicles. We have a global presence in fire-fighting.   Each aircraft is accompanied with a fuel truck and a service vehicle. We also operate numerous fixed-wing to support our helicopter operations.

Billings Flying Service utilizes both external mounted fire buckets and belly tanks for fire suppression.  We hold Oregon and California state contracts and often do work for the United States Forest Service, Department of Interior, Montana DNRC, Bureau of Indian Affairs, and Bureau of Land Management.

Billings Flying Service firefighting