Billings Flying Service currently owns and operates six CH-47D “Chinook” helicopters.   In the summer of 2014 we became the first civilian organization to type-certify these aircraft with the FAA.

The Chinook is one of the heaviest lifting helicopters in the industry today with the ability for lifts up to 26,000 lbs.   It is ideal for power line construction, aerial firefighting, ski lift construction, and other major construction projects.

  • Equipped with two T55-GA-714A engines producing more than 5,000 horsepower each.
  • Modern avionics include state-of-the-art GPS systems, aviation radios, and digital FM radios for air-to-ground communication.
  • The Water Hog 2600 gallon variable drop bucket for aerial application of water and fire retardant for wildfire suppression.
  • 3 cargo hooks for variable external load configurations.
Chinook CH-47D
Empty Weight 24,150lbs. (+/-)
Gross Weight 50,000lbs
Payload up to 26,000 lbs.
Max Ext. Load 26,000 lbs.
Powerplant (2x) T55-GA-714A)
MR Blades composite
Configuratons hook, fire bucket, variable configurations
Max Range approx 350NM
Available for construction/heavy-lift, firefighting, internal or external cargo missions, powerline construction